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Certification Exam

Offered in collaboration with the International Association of Innovation Professionals ( and 20-20 Innovation Inc.‘s Business Partner Network, this course provides participants with the knowledge to build a solid foundation in Design Thinking to apply in projects across industries. Additionally, it offers guidance for participants on how to prepare for the IAOIP Design Thinking certification exam.

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To maximize comprehension and create excitement, we themed the course after car racing. We built the exercises to follow a race competition with five racing teams: Ford, Ferrari, Porsche, Alpine, & Matra.
Every participant will be assigned to one of those teams and informed before the course start. Each candidate will take a profiler from our corporate sponsor SwarmVision Enterprise Software, to understand their innovation style and assign them to the best team possible.

We introduce a structured method for Design Thinking coupled with real-world case studies to drive a high-level of understanding.
Also, we aligned IAOIP’s Certification Exam Study guide with sections of the course to prepare for the exam. Participants will receive IAOIP’s certification exam study guide (a $15 value) and an official IAOIP Course completion certificate.

During the course, the teams will go through 2 qualifying rounds, one practice run, and then the race, which will be the teams’ final project. We selected a distinguished panel of judges to rank the final projects for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners. Winners will receive $50/member (1st), $25/member (2nd), and $15/member (3rd) prizes, respectively.

We deliver the course through Zoom Video Conferencing and Miro Whiteboards for an impactful and rich collaboration experience. We also want to thank our corporate sponsor SwarmVision Enterprise Software for providing their platform to help participants understand and get the right insights about their innovation style.

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  1. Introduction to Design Thinking and its value.
  2. Understanding empathy and its importance for customers
  3. Learning the Design Thinking framework for real-world problem
  4. Practice and apply learned methods and techniques in break-out sessions and a final group project.

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  1. Certificate of completion from the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP)
  2. The official IAOIP study guide to prepare for the Design Thinking Certification exam (a $15 value)
  3. Enrollment in IAOIP for 1 year for new members or an Exam Voucher for the Design Thinking Certification Exam for existing members
  4. Student handbook
  5. Chance to win Amazon gift card prizes for winning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the final group project
  6. A $10 Amazon gift card for completing the course survey at the end of the course and nominating fellow colleagues

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Fadi Jawdat Al Hindi

Fadi Jawdat Al Hindi Dr Sorin

Dr. Sorin Cohn-Sfetcu Jose Alvarez

Jose Alvarez

Tariq El sadik

Tariq Elsadik Sadegh Babaii

Dr. Sadegh (Ben) Babaii

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Students have to prepare for the course through a reading assignment and learning one of the course’s field tools: Miro. Each activity will take roughly one hour to complete and will be sent to the student with the names and emails of their fellow group members. All content for this course is designed on-line and considers access from mobile and tablet devices as the norm.

  1. SwarmVision Profiler: Take the SwarmVision profiler survey to assess your innovation skills and style
  2. Case Studies: Design Thinking projects that have changed the world (1 Hour)
  3. YouTube Videos & Training Miro board link with instructions (1 Hour)

Class is delivered via Zoom.
5 Consecutive days (Sunday-Thursday)
* From 12 Noon – 4 pm EST (GMT -05:00) 

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add remove Participant Prototypes- Cohort 2 (January 21, 2021)

Duration: 4 Hours
Descriptions: Sunday

1.1 Participants Intro, Course Intro, Tools Foundations
1.2 Introduction to Design Thinking
1.3 Qualifying Round 1: Problem to solve & Presentations

Duration: 4 Hours
Descriptions: Monday
2.1 Module 2: Empathy & Personas
2.2 Qualifying Round 2: Personas Development & Presentations
2.3 Review & Closure

Duration: 4 Hours
Descriptions: Tuesday
3.1 Module 3: Ideation
3.2 Practice Run 1: Ideation Exercise & Presentations
3.3 Review & Closure

Duration: 4 Hours
Descriptions: Wednesday
4.1 Module 3: Customer Journey Design
4.2 Practice Run 2: Customer Journey Exercise & Presentations
4.3 Module 4: Testing & Prototyping

Duration: 5 Hours
Descriptions: Thursday
5.1 Race Day Kick-off: Group Project Start
5.2 Finish Line: Presentations & Judging
5.3 Awards & Course closure
5.4 Happy Hour (Optional)

People are praising the Design Thinking Course

What makes them love us?

Practical training in Design Thinking!

“Design Thinking was extremely beneficial in terms of bridging the gap between the theoretical par t& practical part of learning. Additionally, the participants were exposed to real-life examples that we're witnessing today in our organization, & we had the opportunity to exchange ideas on how we can tackle the challenges.”

Anood M.


Extremely unique course!

“The course was very unique and liked that it was very interactive.”



Eye opening experience!

“A great training which opened my mind to new aspects and opportunity.”

Rehab S.


Future shaping leadership workshop!

“Great innovative leap towards different way of perceiving problems and solving them and being part of the Future Shaping leading changers; Design Thinking is the way to go, the only way!”

Hadi J.


Design your life!

“Best Ever Design Thinking Workshop, i prefer every participant to do attend & design not only related to your project but also you can design your life.”

Irfan S.


Benefited me greatly!

“We have benefited from many steps that start through, which is defining the problem, then solutions and ideas, and analyzing them according to the pattern of dealers, finding opportunities and taking advantage of them.”

Khalid A.


Really enjoyed attending!

“This is the most enjoyable course!” –

Shamma A.


Interactive with excellent tools!

“It's a very good interactive training with excellent tools for persona development & prototyping. My best wishes!”

Yaseen T.


Very well-organized!

“Very well-organized course, I liked that space that the participants were given to think out of the box. I enjoyed the team spirit and cooperation. Very recommended course for people whose imagination has no limits. Thank you.”

Ruba Y.


Highly recommended & Enjoyable!

“Highly recommended and enjoyable training given by well trained experts in design thinking, it will open your mind to new possibilities and see product and services from completely different level. The process presented in the training is simple yet highly effective and it can be applied in every aspect of your life. Additionally The training will challenge you and your team in competition with other teams to come up with best innovative idea from birth to production which will be judge by international judges to boost your level of confidence and come out from the course with new perspective that will help you in all areas of your life.”

Omar A.


Fantastic training!

“One of the best training courses I have ever taken. It gave me a new perspective of seeing problem and finding their solutions in an optimal way.”

Adeel M.


Invaluable Learning!

It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I learnt a lot and it gave me a good grounding in Design Thinking. It really made me think, and I liked how it enabled me to interact with people through the practical work. Strongly recommended.

Sandeep S.


Very useful course!

Very useful course (especially for business leaders) for those who would like to understand how to design products, which approaches to take, what to take into account, etc. I recommend this course to a very broad audience and thank Mr. Fadi for that great experience.

Sergey S.


Real help for me!

After taking the course, I feel like I am ready to start my venture. It gave me a clear roadmap on how to start in a time where planning has become so complicated. being a successful innovator is more about the idea and solving the problem before getting into the real product. Thank you for the great course, as short as it was, it was a real help for me personally.

Rawdha A.


Practical, Innovative!

Before taking this course, I had no idea what design thinking was and what its various elements were. But after having completed this course, I can confidently say I am well-equipped to apply design thinking in various aspects of my career. The course not only teaches you theory concepts, it also pushes you to apply those concepts to your businesses and come up with practical innovative solutions.

Shaista S.


Innovative take on!

Design thinking on steroids, that’s what you get out of this innovative take on how to teach this subject.

Tariq E.


Extremely engaging and fun!

This course teaches design thinking from a practical perspective. Extremely engaging and fun!

Anirudh A.


Truly interesting!

It has been a truly interesting and challenging experience! Attending a virtual class has never been so rewarding. I thoroughly enjoyed the course as much as helping Mr. Fadi organizing it!

Ryan V.


Framework is the future!

Design Thinking framework is the future to solving problems and more importantly offering human-centric solutions. I highly recommend this program through Algofy University because along with deeply learning how to apply the "design thinking" framework to real world applications, you will be giving the opportunity to improve your team building skills and work under pressure.

Waleed K.


New ray of light!

One of an innovative course, all of the material introduce us to a new ray of light of thinking and design. As scoring the first position in the 1st Batch, I believe Our mentor and instructor Mr. Fadi made perfect course material and nailed it professionally in a way that all kinds of brains and personalities can easily learn.

Sarah P.


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